Automotive Webinar:

Recorded Sept 22, 2020
Watch us machine automotive parts in the MODIG HHV 2
29 min Machining, Demonstration and Q&A

Machining. Demonstration. Q&A.

Achive a more efficient productivity with minimal material waste. In 9 minutes we will be machining six (6) parts from an extrusion, where each part’s length is 12.6” (320 mm). 

David Modig, President of Modig Machine Tool, and Keith Lopez recently presented the machining technology that is causing a true shift in automotive machining processes. The MODIG HHV2 is showcased from our facility in Kalmar, Sweden, while machining automotive extrusion parts. Only 29 minutes long this video provides real life machining and manufacturing advantages shared during this brief demonstration. The complete manufacturing solution - available now.  


The HHV universal machining center is ideal for high-volume production with, in contract, guaranteed cycle time reduction! Parts complete in one setup, with no work holding.

Case Studies

Reduced cycle time up to 40-70%.
Material waste reduction.
High production rate capabilities.

Success Stories

“We have about 60 machine tools from Modig in our factory. We always found them to be very innovative and very on the cutting edge of technology and advancements...“